sweet-n-sour crunch of cantonese pickle

the radishes looked great at the Erzeugermarket Konstalerwache so i had to buy a bunch. i've always wanted to pickle vegetables but never tried. at ECOH canteen, chef maow always have a big jar of cantonese pickle in the fridge. the sweet-n-sour of the pickled vegetable is great with everything. i guess i was missing it. cantonese pickle usually consist of daikon (white radish), cucumber and carrot, but i used radish instead.

make it again?
what's different then original recipe?
added szechuan pepper, red white and black peppercorns, small dry chili whole, and used radish instead of diakon. due to the red radish skin the next day everything turn a little pink (as you can see in the picture above.)
any adjustments for next go?
cut down a little on the szechuan pepper, add more carrots, and a pinch more salt.
what did i eat this with?
i had pan fry dumplings, rice, inarizushi... always with every meal with all meals.
GUY: they are the best pickles ever. i want to have more. (he ate most of them)

Cantonese Pickled Vegetable

1 bunch of radish washed in cut in halves
1- 2 small carrot, peeled in cut in 3cm long strips
1 cucumber, cut the same as carrot
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 bay leaf
1TB szechuan pepper
1 tsp red peppercorn
1 tsp white peppercorn
1/2 TB black peppercorn
1 bay leaf
1 small dry chili
100g sugar
250 ml clear rice vinegar
7 thin slices of ginger smashed

lightly toss the vegetables with the salt in a bowl and set aside for an hour.
dry roast the peppers and bay leaf until fragrant over low heat.
combine the vinegar and sugar and stir and let sit until the sugar has dissolved.
sterilize the jar by boiling it for 10 mins.
once the vegetables are done, dry the vegetable mixture. combine the vegetables, ginger, sugar vinegar, and peppers in the jar (light toss) and fill a little more rice vinegar if necessary. leave in the fridge for a least 6 hours, or overnight.

wanna know more?

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